Do you wish to get better grades in school? Have you ever dreamed of being a top student? If your answer to these questions is “yes!”, then this is the book for you. In this book, the author shares his personal story about how he progressed from doing badly in primary school to topping his class in postgraduate studies, whilst dealing with obstacles like poverty and parental abuse. He also shares with readers the stories of other past scholars who won various scholarships. Unlike most books on study and examination techniques which are written by teachers, examiners, psychologists and other “experts”, this book is written from the perspective of the students themselves. From interviews conducted with these past scholars, we learn about their well-proven study and examination techniques as well as factors that either helped, hindered or motivated them in their studies. This, then, is one of the rare “How to …” books that addresses the issue of motivation and is generously garnished with lots of inspiration, for your success in studies, exams, and in life.Related Title:• Success SecretsSample Chapter(s)Foreword (55 KB)Chapter 1: Hopelessly Saddled (64 KB)Contents:Hopelessly SaddledHopefully PraisedSim Wong Hoo — A Role Model?Study SecretsStudy TechniquesRevision TechniquesExam TechniquesSecrets of MotivationScholars' Stories and ExperiencesSixteen SoulprintsReadership: Students at all levels, concerned parents and teachers.

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