Can exercise prevent gray hair?Is wine consumption better than drinking beer or hard liquor?Is testosterone important only for men?How much fish should you eat each week? An upsurge in your energy levels An enhanced enjoyment of your lifeand daily activities A noticeable increase in the sharpnessof your mind A stronger sex driveYou can pick and choose among hundreds of antiaging tips to find whats right for you. Youll discover the best foods to eat, why alcohol can be beneficial (and how much to drink), what types of exercise are important, which hormones are a waste of your money and which really work, how to keep your mind sharp, and why weight loss may not be advisable at certain ages. In addition, youll find all the latest information you need to keep your heart healthy, prevent cancer, strengthen your bones, keep your joints limber, and stay on your feet.The Science of Staying Young is not just about aging gracefullyits about living and feeling your best for the rest of your life.

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