The culture of the contemporary society becomes more and more individualized and experience-based, with an abundance of many similar brands, products and services. This development is the start of a new marketing era. Functional attributes and product benefits are no longer enough in order to attract and commit the customers. Firms must affect through smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting or touching.This pioneering book shows how the five human senses - smell, sound, sight, taste or touch - are the starting point for a firm's strategic marketing. It concerns how firms are able to treat the customers in a more intimate and personal way than before, through emotional, rational and sensual elements.The book covers the ongoing shift from mass-marketing and relationship-marketing to sensory marketing. It shows the importance for marketers, practitioners and researchers as well as students to reach the five human senses at a deeper level than traditional mass-marketing and relationship-marketing theories do. This innovative book offers a theoretical as well as a practical understanding of sensory marketing. It gives the arguments, shows best practice and real life examples, as well as outlining new concepts and models.The authors have received the prestigious Swedish award 'The Marketing Book of the Year 2008' from The Swedish Marketing Federation.

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