In a highly-sexualised and media-hyped society, postmenopausal woman often feel pressurised to have great sex. Books and websites prescribe what the menopause should be. And, if it isn't, here's how to fix it. Painful sex and mood swings can be cured by HRT. Some women take the artificial route to remain sexually active. Others choose a natural approach, even if it means dwindling sexual desire. I used to seek it out. Now I endure it, said one woman. But few talk about it. Its far more of a taboo than talking about death, said another woman. Fading libido can have a profound effect on relationships. I feel despair, said a 61 year-old husband. I have to accept that my sex life is more or less over. And another: I have never broached this with my wife, but to think I may never have sex again is very dangerous. Sue explores the lived, felt experience of what it means to be postmenopausal, and looks at how it affects relationships and changes lives.

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