Tyra's adventures are now brought together in one Bruce McLachlan science fiction erotica collection! Shadows of Torment Massively in debt, Tyra is auctioned to the highest bidder to recover the vast sums she owes. Sold as a pleasure slave to a nefarious businessman, she is used to sate his whims as well as the dark unbridled lusts of his aids and favoured supporters. Kept in the lofty palace of her owner, Tyra finds the locale a place of unrestrained carnal excess, where anyone with money or connections can indulge even the most depraved passions. Subjected to discipline and punishment, she is taught to revel in her slavery, and finally Tyra begins to find pleasure in her pain. Then, betrayed, she finds that perhaps her life was not as she thought and that there is more to her enforced captivity than her debts... Shadows of Torment II Tyra returns in the sequel to Shadows of Torment. Free from control and seeking vengeance against her old master, Tyra learns that Balthazar was once the lieutenant of a galactic crime syndicate. It was in this position that he acquired his taste - and skills - for dominance. Tyra breaks into his private off-world estate but is captured. She then finds herself lost in a nefarious realm of forbidden pleasures, impossible delights, and exquisite vice. Enrolled as a concubine, her submission is tested to the full as she starts to unearth the many astounding secrets that surround her. Meanwhile, Lily is subjected to the cruel and merciless training of her old lover and her former employer, who has struck a deal with a new and terrible force whose goal is nothing less than total dominance over all life. Gradually, the sultry fates of both women are set on a collision course...

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