This is the touching story of a half-Irish boy with a passive nature who grows up in England and has to come to terms with a world where bullying and violence are endemic. Shakespeare's Children begins in the 1950s in the "paradise" of Norfolk where Danny Keaney is loved by Grandpa, "Fafa", the local poacher, but then moves to the "hell" of a "Shakespeare Free" council estate in Stratford-upon-Avon called "The Arab Camp." Harsh and sometimes cruel teachers at the Roman Catholic school and indifferent parents offer no sanctuary from the brutality. Danny, however, grows up to face the bullies who eventually learn to fear him. This long awaited story about a close kinsman of Irish hero Sean McDermott, who becomes a rebel in his own right as a hunt activist, is poignant at times but delightfully funny. Its characters from Stratford are the true children of the Bard.

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