This book looks at the economies of emerging markets and investigates what industries look most promising in which region and/or countries. Emerging markets have been around for a while as an investment theme and as such have been off and on the list for many investors and corporations worldwide during the last 20 years depending on where we were in the global economic cycle. In fact, the term emerging markets actually has become obsolete as it now covers a long list of countries with each country reflecting a different economic, industrial, cultural and monetary outlook. Despite the fact that they make up about 35% of global GDP (and that is expected to grow to 50% over the next 20 years) these many investors (and companies likewise) have a minor, although growing, exposure to those regions in the world. Home bias and the historical super cyclical nature of those regions have made investors stay away or move in and out while riding the hot money wave. So far for globalization pur sang.

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