Dark, irresistible men of the desert A Bed of Sand Laura Wright Rita Thompson was getting married. She just hadn't bothered to invite the groom - her boss, Sheikh Sakir Al-Nayhalm. Rita had concocted the whole scheme to reunite her alienated family. Everything had gone according to plan...until she found Sakir standing at the altar waiting for her! Sheikh Surrender Jacqueline Diamond Who would post Jenny Sanger's photo on the internet to lure men to her home? One caller with royal relations was actually shot on Jenny's doorstep! Sheikh Zahad of Alqedar arrived in the small California town to claim the body and investigate the tragedy; he zeroed in on the prime suspect: sweet Jenny... The Sheikh Who Loved Me Loreth Anne White When a mysterious beauty washed ashore on Sheikh David Rashid's private Red Sea island, the woman stirred powerful passions in him. But Jayde Ashton was a British spy and she'd stumbled upon a web of deceit that put David and his little girl in grave danger.

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