Shock and Awe is an incendiary action thriller from an audacious new voice. Ex-special forces operative Carla Smukowski is struggling to come to terms with her brothers murder by Islamic militants, but shes unwilling to make peace with a world which has betrayed her. Her collaborator and sometimes lover is Boyce Hammond, a down-at-heel FBI agent whos been undercover so long hes forgotten where his loyalties lie. Smukowski, Hammond and their squad of American terrorists the so-called Ethan Allen Brigade seize a shipment of Indonesian nuclear waste, intending to make a radiological dirty bomb for an attack that will inflame the Islamic world. But just as Hammond begins to fear the group he has infiltrated might pull off their insane scheme, the stolen shipment is snatched from them by a group of extremist every bit as dangerous and now America itself is the target. Packed with breathtaking action scenes, political insight and unforgettable characters, Shock and Awe turns the terrorist novel on its head: a subversive action thriller for a new era.

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