The Simon & Schuster Thesaurus for Children provides students with the tools they need to build their vocabulary, improve their writing skills, and express themselves more accurately and precisely. The thesaurus is packed with information that encourages children to expand their knowledge of the English language. With over 800 main entries and 5,000 synonyms, the Simon & Schuster Thesaurus for Children helps young writers make correct word choices and avoid repetition. It stimulates children's creativity and gives them a new understanding of the complex resources of language. SOME SIMON & SCHUSTER THESAURUS FOR CHILDREN HIGHLIGHTS: More than 800 entries and 5,000 synonyms Entries that give parts of speech, definitions, and example sentences Easy-to-use cross-references A complete index of all the synonyms, antonyms, phrases, and idioms Special word banks that contain additional word choices Unique word alerts that warn of possible problems in grammar or word use Common phrases and idioms Synonyms that include definitions and one or more example sentences

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