Jeni Weeks, downtrodden maid to rich and selfish Rebecca Lamont, finds herself caught up in an adventure of sexual awakening while her mistress is holidaying in Bermuda. Taking part in a race to the Bahamas, their yacht encounters a strange storm that carries them into another time and place. Shipwrecked, Jeni and Rebecca are washed up on the shores of a mysterious land, populated by a masterful race possessing an unknown technology, where the two women are soon captured and sold into slavery. Mistress and servant no longer, they must submit to the desires of their new owners. Jeni discovers her true slavish nature, while Rebecca sees a chance to seduce her way to the court of the king himself. But the realms of the land are in dispute, and beautiful females, both slave and free, are seen as playthings and prizes in the struggle between their ruling princes...

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