Are you in control of your life? Can you afford to down tools for ten minutes and do nothing? Thought not. More and more people are now living incredibly pressured lives, whether through career, family or lifestyle choices. Statistics on this subject are quite scary - the average couple spends only 10 minutes a day talking, 31% of people go to work even when they're sick, 24% don't take all of their annual leave, and only 21% of families eat together twice a week - most don't manage it even once. But there's a very quiet revolution happening - people are reclaiming time for themselves. Whether you want just one hour when you don't have chores, a day when you don't have to work or a complete life transforming experience - the Infinite Ideas authors have been there already and can share with you their experience. In Slow down you'll find out how to live a longer, happier, funnier, sweeter, more inspired life. If 21st century living is draining your energy and eating up your life, then Slow down is the solution.

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