Small manufacturers often lack the resources and expertise needed to choose the management philosophies and process improvement techniques that could provide the most benefit to their bottom line. Sorting through all of the available tools and deciding which ones to adopt can be overwhelming. The Small Manufacturer's Toolkit: A Guide to Selecting the Techniques and Systems to Help You Win guides you through the philosophies that are constantly being promoted, enabling you make informed choices. Following an introductory chapter, the author addresses fundamental inventory management and planning tools, including the Sales Operations Planning process that bridges the high-level strategic plan and the midrange master production schedule. The book then discusses Lean Manufacturing and the often accompanying Six Sigma, as well as the aspects of the Theory of Constraints that may cause confusion and prevent implementation. The book reviews many of the most popular quality tools and quality management systems, fostering an understanding of what should be the foundation of any organization. The text also explores project management, and examines the requirements surrounding the implementation and use of ERP systems. It emphasizes awareness and application of Supply Chain Management techniques, and covers productive E-Commerce related applications. The book concludes by providing a diagnostic tool that helps you determine which tools, or aspects of tools, are valid for your organization.

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