With a growing market currently in excess of $150 billion, outsourcing has become a critical boardroom agenda. But- Where is outsourcing going?- How big is the outsourcing market?- Are the Americans better at outsourcing than the British or the Europeans?- What is best practice outsourcing?The answers to these and other questions are provided by one of the largest international surveys of outsourcing. Smart Sourcing comprehensively outlines the current and predicted future trends in outsourcing, focusing on the following findings: - Best practice outsourcing leads to strategic success- Best practice outsourcing is achieved by only a few, but there is no secret to becoming a high performing company- The most preferred suppliers are those who have worked hard at achieving a long standing relationship with their clients.The authors demonstrate clearly that IT outsourcing will dominate the future and with it will emerge another multi-billion dollar market, that of the application service providers (ASPs). Businesses will become liberated from IT - as companies will rent from ASPs - resulting in little or no capital outlay.Smart Sourcing provides a complete overview of this fast growing, global market, but most of all it highlights what it takes to be "outsource ready".

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