Generate a good return as well as goodwill with this guide to ethical investmentsWant to make money while you make a difference in the world? Socially Responsible Investing For Dummies, a 2010 Green Book Festival award winner, is as practical, hands-on guide to smart social investing that shows you how to maximize your profits while remaining true to your values. You get expert advice in targeting an issue you're passionate about, researching potential investments, and putting your socially responsible choices into action.Get started with social investing basics understand what it is, why it works, and how investors define social responsibilityNavigate the socially responsible enterprise discover the business principles that help ethical organizations thriveConduct your research determine whether an investment has financial potential and also serves your personal needsEvaluate your investment choices from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and ETFs to real estate and high finance, select the best investments and adjust your portfolio over timeGet help from the pros find brokers, financial planners, and mutual fund companies that can help you with your decisionsEnsure your success see how to diversify, monitor your investments, join forces with others, vote your proxies, keep your perspective, and moreKeep up with investment trends discover how to take advantage of new investment products and stay on top of industry changesRecognize truly socially responsible investments understand how to tell socially responsible investment opportunities from "feel good" opportunitiesIn Socially Responsible Investing

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