As.a boy in 1934 Paul Vaughan unwittingly became part of a social trend -- a.great mass migration to the outskirts of London -- as his family moved.from Brixton to booming New Malden, where their new semi was a mere.stroll away from countryside. This was Suburbia, and its outlook was not.entirely promising. But Vaughan was so fortunate as to find an.inspirational headmaster -- John Garrett -- at his local grammar school,.which boasted a school song composed by Garrett's friend W.H. Auden. In.due course he would find his way to Oxford; but as this evocative.account testifies, New Malden would never quite leave him.'Wonderfully readable, wonderfully wry.' Edward Blishen, TES'Recalled with a Betjemanesque affection and eye for detail.' Peter Parker, Telegraph

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