Sovereignties: Contemporary Theory and Practice is a highly topical and innovative contribution to the debates in political theory, international relations and EU studies. It brings together literatures from contemporary political theory, history of political thought, international relations, international relations theory, legal studies, and EU integration studies, and uses conceptual analysis to argue for a multiplicity of notions of sovereignty. Its genuinely original features include the breadth of the perspective encompassed, the relational reconceptualization of sovereignty in terms of post-states and other actors in international political space, the theorization of EU sovereignty, the highlighting of an overlooked political meaning in the concept of sovereignty, an examination of the profoundly metaphorical character of the concept, and an effective approach to overcoming the state sovereignty model's conflation of concept and conception, and its untenable division of the political theory, international relations and international relations theory discourses around the internal/external dichotomy.

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