The First Comprehensive Guide to the Principles, Design Methods, and Applications of Space Based Radar Turn to Space Based Radar for authoritative information on the latest developments in Space Based Radar (SBR), covering fundamental principles, cutting-edge design methods, and several new applications. This SBR guide focuses on clutter and target data generation from an SBR platform, and on Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) to enhance the target detection and the clutter cancellation capabilities of the radar system. Designed to save you hours of research time and effort, this one-stop resource explores the full range of SBR topics, including SBR footprint and range foldover phenomenonDoppler shift that accounts for Earth's rotationterrain modelingSTAP algorithms for enhanced target detectionand much more. Packed with over 250 full-color illustrations, Space Based Radar features: Complete coverage of the technical issues associated with SBR and their impact on system performance Website contains more than 250 PowerPoint slides for self-study or lectures, and problems and solutions.Inside This Pioneering SBR Sourcebook Introducing Space Based Radar The Conics Two Body Orbital Motion and Kepler's Laws SBR Kinematics Space Time Adaptive Processing for Space Based Radar Performance Analysis Using Cramer-Rao Bounds Waveform Diversity

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