Your comprehensive guide to remarkable achievements in spaceDo you long to explore the universe? This plain-English, fully illustrated guide explains the great discoveries and advancements in space exploration throughout history, from early astronomers to the International Space Station. You'll learn about the first satellites, rockets, and people in space; explore space programs around the world; and ponder the controversial question: Why continue to explore space?Take a quick tour of astronomy get to know the solar system and our place in the galaxy, take a crash course in rocket science, and live a day in the life of an astronautRun the Great Space Race trace the growth of the Space Age from Sputnik to the Apollo moon landings and meet the robots that explored the cosmos Watch as space exploration matures from the birth of the Space Shuttle to the creation of the Mir Space Station to successes and failures in Mars exploration, see how space programs reached new levelsJourney among the planets check out the discoveries made during historic voyages to the inner and outer reaches of the solar systemUnderstand current exploration review the telescopes in space, take a tour of the International Space Station, and see the latest sights on MarsLook into the future learn about upcoming space missions and increased access to space travel Open the book and find:Descriptions of space milestones and future missionsAn easy-to-follow chronological structureColor and black-and-white photosThe nitty-gritty details of becoming an astronautA grand tour of the solar system through space missionsExplanations of tragedies and narrow escapes Facts on the creation of space stations by NASA and the USSRTen places to look for life beyond Earth

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