It's December and Acorn Hill is festive, but the Howard sisters are about to discover that Christmas doesn't always mean peace on earth. A misunderstanding between Florence Simpson and her husband Ronald has Florence jetting off to Florida-and feisty Aunt Ethel has just the solution. She sets off after her friend, and drags Alice and Ronald with her, determined to convince Florence that her marriage is worth fighting for. Can they get through to the couple in time to make it back home by Christmas? And when a harried and overscheduled family shows up at Grace Chapel Inn, stranded on the way to their holiday vacation, they are forced to take a break. At first the parents attempt to make everything into a learning experience, but they slowly come to appreciate the blessing of simply spending time together. Meanwhile, the downtown merchants of Acorn Hill start a Secret Santa program, and Jane sees a unique way to arrange a special delivery for a needy family in town. As Christmas gets closer, everyone begins to get into the spirit of the season.

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