The motion of mechanical systems undergoing rotation about a fixed axis has been the subject of extensive studies over a few centuries. These systems are generally subject to gyroscopic forces which are associated with coriolis accelerations or mass transport and render complex dynamics.The unifying theme among topics presented in this book is the gyroscopic nature of the system equations of motion. The book represents comprehensive and detailed reviews of the state of art in four diverse application areas: flow-induced oscillations in structures, oscillations in rotating systems or rotor dynamics, dynamics of axially moving material systems, and dynamics of gyroelastic systems. The book also includes a chapter on dynamics of repetitive structures. These systems feature spatial periodicity and are generally subject to considerable gyroscopic forces. “Gyroelastic systems” and “repetitive structures” are the topics with very recent origins and are still in their infancies compared to the other examples represented in this book. Thus, the contributions on gyroelastic systems and repetitive structures are limited to only modeling, localization and linear stability analysis results.This book covers many important aspects of recent developments in various types of gyroscopic systems. Thus, at last, a comprehensive book is made available to serve as a supplement and resource for any graduate level course on elastic gyroscopic systems, as well as for a course covering the stability of mechanical systems. Moreover, the inclusion of an up-to-date bibliography attached to each chapter will make this book an invaluable text for professional reference.

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