Get ready for the mother of all numbers.If you had to give just one number to determine a baseball player's success, which would you pick? Batting average, RBI, OPS, home-run percentage? It's impossible to choose. Now you don't have to. For the first time ever, there's a formula that incorporates every aspect of a player's offensive game into one stat that gets straight to the core of performance. The Offensive Production and Efficiency Average, or P/E Average for short, gives you a comprehensive measure of everyone who has ever played the game. Stat One walks you through the calculations and then takes you around the field to analyze, rate, and rank the greatest players in baseball history at every position. You'll find surprising answers to the questions that really matter:Who's better on first, Foxx or Gehrig?Is Jim Rice a Hall of Famer?Would Derek Jeter come up short next to old Honus Wagner?How does Mantle compare with Mays?And much more--plus the 100 greatest players of all time

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