Abandoned by his mother, abused by his dad, bullied at school ... Childhood wasn't easy for Steve Walker.By the age of 23, he had become one of London's most notoriousdrug-dealers - nickname "Psycho" - with a fast car, a trail ofbroken relationships, and a life-threatening drug habit of his own.When his business partner's body was found in the boot of acar, Steve moved underground in a bid to go straight. But leavinghis old life behind was more difficult than he'd imagined.Years later, committed to a psychiatric hospital, his bodyravaged by abuse, he was given one last chance to save himself...Steve: Unwanted is a testament to the incrediblepower there is within all of us to break even ourmost hardened habits and behaviour, and turn ourlives around. It is a glimmer of light for anyonetouched by addiction.

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