Laura James has no idea when she falls in love with Adrian Fry in the summer of 1963 that their love will ask so much of them. Over the years, Laura's best friends - including the eccentric Lola, photographer Tom and his exotic girlfriend Cressida - will all have their parts to play in the twists and turns of Laura's life. When Adrian cheats on Laura, she throws herself into a series of ill advised flings, including an affair with Tom and an erotic, dangerous liaison with a member of Parliament. As scandal finds her, her livid brother manipulates her into becoming the main carer to a mother she dislikes. But even then, hidden away as she is, it's only a matter of time until her past comes to claim her as a series of explosive revelations force her flee to France, where she hopes to live a quiet life in pretty Menton. As Laura's story comes full circle, she meets Adrian again - but has too much happened or can they finally find the happiness they've been searching for?From Glasgow to London to Menton Strangers in a Garden is a light, entertaining and superbly well plotted novel.

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