The premise of this book is to provide insight into new ways through which corporations create and execute strategies. DiVanna and Austin claim that strategy development is shifting from a function restricted to an elite group within a company to a process that runs across an organization's many levels, leading to a cohesive set of strategic initiatives driven by perceived changes in the business environment. To make the transition, corporations must integrate strategy develop-ment into the fabric of their business processes making them able to sense changes in the business climate and initiate tactical adjustments based on preconceived scenarios. During a 24-hour event in London, DiVanna, Austin, and over twenty industry practitioners divided the topics of strategy development and execution in this new business climate into three intermixed perspectives. Each chapter reflects the views of the concours of practitioners who took part in the develop-ment of this book, which reports on how individuals must embrace strategic thinking in a new way to remain competitive. This is the first volume in a series authored by DiVanna and others entitled Corporations in the Global Economy.

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