Originally published in the early 1900s, this short but informative book provides detailed instructions on how to form string figures, accompanied by clear illustrations. Not only does it instruct how to form these, but also gives an idea of the origins of each figure. Apart from this being a simple and entertaining pastime for young and old, providing exercise for the fingers and the mind, these games also reflect a little of the history and social habits of the people where they originated. Contents Include: Instructions The Fish Spear An Outrigger Canoe The Bed Carrying Wood An Eel The Caribou A Grass Hut A Siberian House The Tern A Man Climbing A Tree The Well An Apache Door The Baboon's Mouth A Scrub-Hen The Fighting Men The Island of Moa Lightning Shooting the Fish Spear A Bird A Melon Shell A Canoe A Waterspout Barbed Spears The Breastbone and Ribs The Laia Flower The Flying Fox The Looper Caterpillar Porker

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