Success Leaves Traces IS NOT just about making money. It can literally be applied to anything you want to achieve in life whether it be losing weight, increasing your finances, growing your business, or learning ballroom dancing. It's is a way of re-engineering any task that anyone has ever done - past, present and/or future by using five key elements. In this book, self-made millionaire and Internet Marketing legend, Armand Morin takes you through his amazing journey and shares with you the exact steps you need to take to achieve your own fulfilling success. You'll learn how to: Use the Traces Left by Others to Literally Catapult Yourself to Greater Success, Change your Belief Patterns, Identify "Stop Factors" That are Holding You Back, and Discover and Develop Your "Super Self". Successful people leave clues as to how they succeeded. The truest secret to success is having the ability to follow those clues to achieve your own desired goals. In essence, Success Leaves Traces.

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