SHEIKH'S BETRAYAL ALEXANDRA SELLERS Sheikh Salah Al Khouri didn't suspect that celebrated beauty Desiree had come to his desert kingdom to stop his long-awaited royal marriage. Desiree'd slipped from his grasp once, but this time he would have her in his bed! BREAKING THE SHEIKH'S RULES ABBY GREEN When Sheikh Nadim buys the O'Sullivan stables, Irish virgin Iseult is plunged into a life of glorious sensuality and luxury - for as long as she can obey Nadim's one cast-iron rule: don't fall in love with me... INNOCENT IN THE SHEIKH'S HAREM MARGUERITE KAYE Lady Celia Cleveden thought herself eminently sensible until, rescued by darkly handsome desert prince Ramiz al-Muhana, ruler of exotic A'Qadiz, she discovered her true passionate nature...

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