This important book addresses issues of development and its environmental sustainability for the fastest growing areas in Asia — its cities. Recognizing sustainability with respect to the environment and its exploitation has yet to make its impact on development plans in Asia. The problem is due to the lack of cross-country studies, which provide a fair understanding of the different levels of development, as well as the wide variety of development strategies adopted by different countries. The relatively ineffective implementation of environmental assessment has not done much to reduce the damage to, or depletion of, the natural resource base.Sustainability and Cities: Concept and Assessment aims to bridge this gap by taking a sober look at the translation of concepts of environmental sustainability into terms that are meaningful and applicable for cities, particularly those in fast-developing countries like China.Contents:Conceptions of Sustainability and Urban Sustainable DevelopmentUrban Sustainable Development Initiatives — Responses of Cities and City GovernmentsSustainability Indicators for CitiesSingapore — Assessing the Progress Towards SustainabilityUrban Environmental QualityHousing — Relating Urban Basic Needs to Urban Sustainable DevelopmentPopulation and Urban Sustainable DevelopmentUrban Transport and SustainabilityManagement of Non-Hazardous Solid Waste and Urban SustainabilityHealth and Health Indicators for Sustainable DevelopmentFormulating an Urban Sustainable Development IndexThe Neglected Agenda — Biodiversity, Ecological Integrity and Public ParticipationReadership: Academics, policy-makers and professionals in the environmental services sector.

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