Have you ever wished you could enjoy an Italian dinner with Frances Mayes? Or swap recipes with Jacquelyn Mitchard? It's all possible in Table of Contents, the unique cookbook that features recipes drawn from the works of today's bestselling authors, along with intimate insights that help bring their most beloved books to life.The delectable recipes featured in this bibliophile's cookbook include:Lisa See's Won TonsTom Perrotta's Minestrone SoupElinor Lipman's Veal MarengoJanice Y. K. Lee's Indonesian Ginger ChickenSara Gruen's Salmon en Croute with Hollandaise SauceEmma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus's Plum TorteLisa Genova's White-Chocolate Challah Pudding with Raspberry SauceAnd much, much more! With more than 100 dishes and drinks created by fifty of today's brightest writers, Table of Contents will become a feast for your mind-and your soul!

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