AQuZ pasa, gringo?Whether at a cantina in Mexico or a discoth?que in Spain, you better know how to shoot the s#*!-luckily for you, Talk Dirty: Spanish dishes all the dirty sayings in a variety of dialects. Packed with plenty of four-letter words, haba-ero-hot insults, and wicked expressions, this book will have you speaking like a true hombre. The Spanish-to-English translations will help you learn all the latest foreign slang, such as:De puta madre: of the prostitute motherSpanish Phrase: AMi t'o tiende un coche de puta madre!Translation: My uncle has a fantastic car!Literal Translation: My uncle has a car of a prostitute mother!Talk Dirty: Spanish-all you need for a sharper tongue and set of cojones.Alexis Munier relocated to Europe in her mid-twenties and began teaching English at world-renowned language schools in Russia, Slovenia, and Italy. There, she learned the difficulties of infusing classic language study with the true native form. Now a writer and opera singer, Munier spends her free time in sunny Andalusia, Spain, where she is learning to salsa like a native and make authentic paella. She lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.Laura Mart'nez has lived and worked as a journalist in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, and Buenos Aires. She found her true second home in New York City, where she has survived a terrorist attack, massive blackout, neighborhood pipe explosion, and the transformation of Times Square into Disney World. Mart'nez lives la vida loca in Harlem with her franchute boyfriend.

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