Forget feeling embarrassed about having "the talk" with your kids. Research shows you're the one they want to hear from when it comes to sex ed. Now you have a unique advantage to getting through to your child as Amber Madison lets you in on what your kids are really thinking. As a twenty-six-year-old award-winning author and lecturer, she's taught thousands of parents how to approach kids so they'll really listen. Inside this helpful guide, you learn:How to get comfortable enough to be open with your children Everything you need to know about sexually transmitted diseases and contraceptionThe best way to talk to girlsThe most successful way to get through to boysHow to deal with the unexpectedAnd most importantly, yes, your kids will listen to youWith insider advice on how to speak frankly without giving TMI (too much information), this book will encourage you to teach them to be safe and smart when it comes to sex.

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