Tantrasangraha, composed by the renowned Kerala astronomer N?lakantha Somay?j? (c.1444-1545 AD) ranks along with ?ryabhat?ya of ?ryabhata and Siddh?nta?iromani of Bh?skar?c?rya as one of the major works which significantly influenced further work on astronomy in India. One of the distinguishing features is the introduction of a major revision of the traditional Indian planetary model. N?lakantha arrived at a unified theory of planetary latitudes and a better formulation of the equation of centre for the interior planets (Mercury and Venus) than was previously available.In preparing the translation and explanatory notes, K. Ramasubramanian and M. S. Sriram have used authentic Sanskrit editions of Tantrasangraha by Surand Kunjan Pillai and K V Sarma. All verses have been translated into English, which have been supplemented with detailed explanations including all necessary mathematical relations, illustrative examples, figures and tables using modern mathematical notation.

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