The book provides interesting and accessible information on the theory and development of Identiplay' - British Journal of Special Education. 'This book provides parents and professionals with the answer to a simple question - How might I make a start on play? Identiplay is a launch pad to some of the best work I have seen in the area of play for children with autism' - Caroline Smith, Principal Educational Psychologist and International Trainer. Children on the autistic spectrum and those with specific communication disorders often demonstrate a difficulty in learning to play and a resulting isolation from their peers. The Identiplay intervention, based on the work of Beyer and Gammeltoft, promotes the development of social skills and social understanding, imagination, exploration, flexibility and change. By learning these skills the young person can enjoy reciprocal play with an adult or peer. In this book the authors explain how to use this positive and practical intervention and provide three video clips with case histories and a PowerPoint presentation to facilitate professional training. There is also advice on ways of adapting Identiplay to further extend play skills, moving away from the original format of a table-top activity, and applying the principles in a wider range of activities, such as role play, the development of leisure activities, water play and outdoor games. The theoretical basis for the programme is also explained, drawing on the authors' analysis of the function and development of play in children not on the autistic spectrum. The programme is suitable for all practitioners in educational and care settings who work with young children on the autistic spectrum or with communication difficulties, and is also appropriate for parents looking for an effective and enjoyable intervention to use with their own children.

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