Technique And Application Of Xenon Detectors, Proceedings Of The International Workshop


Contents:The Basic Properties of Liquid Xenon as Related to Its Application in Radiation Detectors (W F Schmidt)Non-Proportionality of the Scintillation Yield in Liquid Xenon and Its Effect on the Energy Resolution for Gamma-Rays (T Doke)Development of Liquid Xenon Detectors for Medical Imaging (V Chepel)The DAMA Pure Liquid Xenon Experiment (R Bernabei)DRIFT: A Dark Matter Detector with Directional Sensitivity (B Morgan)Studies of Barium Ion Mobility in Liquid Xenon (M Miyajima)XENON: A 1-Tonne Liquid Xenon Experiment for a Sensitive Dark Matter Search (E Aprile)Progress on the Enriched Xenon Observatory Double-Beta Decay Experiment (S Waldman)and other papersReadership: Researchers in high energy physics.

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