Outsourcing has become one of the most important trends used in managing the enterprise during the last ten years and is now transforming the corporation. Global companies, such as American Express, General Motors and UBS are adopting outsourcing at an ever increasing pace. Similarly, sourcing services from anywhere in the world is now becoming mainstream, and the rise of offshore outsourcing from countries such as India and China is now standard business practice. This book addresses the issues and strategies underpinning outsourcing as a business model, and the elements that lead to a successful outsourcing arrangement. Bringing together leaders in strategic thinking within the global Outsourcing community, including senior executives from companies such as PA Consulting, IDC and Xansa, the book covers themes such as:- Strategies for offshore outsourcing- Managing outsourcing relationships- Understanding business process outsourcing- Achieving business transformation through outsourcing- How to avoid outsourcing failures- The future of outsourcing as a business model- Managing the legal issuesThis book will provide the reader with a single, concise resource for understanding the fundamentals of an outsourcing transaction, and how outsourcing can be used to transform a company's operations.

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