The congruences of a lattice form the congruence lattice. In the past half-century, the study of congruence lattices has become a large and important field with a great number of interesting and deep results and many open problems. This self-contained exposition by one of the leading experts in lattice theory, George Grätzer, presents the major results on congruence lattices of finite lattices featuring the author's signature 'Proof-by-Picture' method and its conversion to transparencies. Key features: - Includes the latest findings from a pioneering researcher in the field - Insightful discussion of techniques to construct 'nice' finite lattices with given congruence lattices and 'nice' congruence-preserving extensions - Contains complete proofs, an extensive bibliography and index, and nearly 80 open problems - Additional information provided by the author online at: The book is appropriate for a one-semester graduate course in lattice theory, yet is also designed as a practical reference for researchers studying lattices.

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