As dramatic changes unfold throughout the world, and the new millennium begins, many in South Africa have begun to ask 'what next'? The scale and pace of change have led to a feeling of powerlessness. How to cope with 'globalization', 'regionalization', a depleting ozone layer, new diseases, rampant militarization, let alone unseen structures of influence and oppression like race, class and gender? While there is no shortage of theoretical models on offer many feel that they are inadequate for the case of Southern Africa. In this book, scholars of both international relations and Southern Africa present a wide variety of thoughts on the future of the reign and the place of theory in helping us to understand the bewildering array of events characterizing the late-modern, early twenty-first century world. This book marks a 'call to theory': if Southern Africans are to overcome the divisive legacy of the past, and to move toward a more prosperous and sustainable collective future, theory must be placed at the centre of everyday life. For it is our understanding of the world that shapes both it and us.

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