How we think and speak is a reflection of our shared cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Theory of Mind and Language in Different Developmental Contexts blazes new trails in the study of the relationship between the theory of mindthat is, the ability to attribute mental states as the basis of behavior and social interactionand language. This volume examines the linguistic variables within developmental contexts, including: - Different levels of analysis. - Intercultural differences (e.g., Western, non-Western). - Intracultural differences (e.g., socioeconomic status). - Conditions of development as well as typical and atypical functions. - Contexts of usage, including personal, social, and business interactions. Each chapter focuses on issues and methodologies to provide a comprehensive overview of current studies on the relationship between the theory of mind and language. Data and working strategies are provided for clinicians, educators, and other mental health professionals. This volume is a must-have for developmental, cognitive, and clinical psychologists and researchers interested in the most up-to-date information on theory of mind and language.

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