From the moment Mary rode the donkey into Bethlehem, animals have been part of the Christmas story. Some of the legends about that miraculous event include two donkeys: the one mentioned above and the other one who helped Joseph, Mary and Jesus escape to Egypt. And in the stable at the manger, there is the special kitten and camel who were there to witness Jesus' birth. Find inspiration in dozens of more true accounts about animals who comfort us, surprise us and make us laugh, including the Christmas puppy, and the kitten playing among the wrapping paper, and the birds whose songs fill our hearts with joy. Then there is the yarn about the iguana, which illustrates that sometimes the perfect Christmas gift is what you least expect! The saga of the backstage goose, who escapes the fate of being dinner for a family to become a mascot for a theater troupe, demonstrates once again how love can conquer all.

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