In 2006, world oil consumption will exceed onethousand barrels per second. The news marks animportant change that will have a far-reachingimpact on world economies, investments, and businessprofitability.In A Thousand Barrels a Second, Chief EnergyEconomist of ARC Financial Peter Tertzakianexamines the future of oil andoffers insights into what it will taketo rebalance our energy needs and seize newopportunities. He answers the topquestions asked by business leaders, policy makers,investors, and concerned citizensas we approach the coming break point:Are today's high oil and gas pricespart of a routine business cycle, or arethere more profound forces at play?Are hybrid vehicles our only solutionagainst high gasoline prices?Is China's growing thirst for energysustainable?Which government policies work andwhich do not?Will nuclear power and coal save theday-again?Tertzakian also offers a realistic, informed lookinto the future of our energy supply chainsand how our consumption patterns may evolve,revealing how governments, businesses, and evenindividuals can meet the coming challenges withbetter solutions and innovations.

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