Eighteen year old Teena's apparent journey back through time into the body of her ancestor, Angelina, has left as many marks on her psyche as Sir Gregory Hacklebury's whip had left on her borrowed body 130 years earlier, and her encounter with the dominant lesbian Anne-Marie back in her own time in 1975 has asked even more dark questions and opened too many secret doors to the depths of her soul. Has the Hacklebury gene left a permanent scar through the decades, or is it the Thyme side of the family tree that causes Teena to seek thrills through pain and degradation? Needing an answer more desperately with every passing day, Teena knows that she can probably only find it in the past, and once again must try to journey back into an era where women were merely corseted chattels and poor Angelina is still suffering an existence of bondage and suffering that her supposed husband and master would not inflict even upon his livestock.

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