The tobacco BY-2 cell system is a unique model cell line for the study of dynamic features of plant cells. As extension of Volume 53, Tobacco BY-2 Cells, which presented basic aspects of the cell system, this present volume provides a wealth of new approaches. Topics include: various aspects of the cell cycle and cellular dynamics using BY-2 cells; physiological and developmental aspects of BY-2 cells; recent developments in the knowledge of intracellular traffic of BY-2 cells; BY-2 cells as hosts for infectious diseases; dynamic features of mitochondrial fusion and division; BY-2 cells as tools to elucidate the biosynthesis of isoprenoids; recent developments in the omics of BY-2 cells; and novel techniques for handling BY-2 cells. This latest volume in the series is an invaluable source of information for scientists in basic and applied plant biology.

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