Topology And Physics - Proceedings Of The Nankai International Conference In Memory Of Xiao-Song Lin


This unique volume, resulting from a conference at the Chern Institute of Mathematics dedicated to the memory of Xiao-Song Lin, presents a broad connection between topology and physics as exemplified by the relationship between low-dimensional topology and quantum field theory.The volume includes works on picture (2+1)-TQFTs and their applications to quantum computing, Berry phase and Yang–Baxterization of the braid relation, finite type invariant of knots, categorification and Khovanov homology, Gromov–Witten type invariants, twisted Alexander polynomials, Faddeev knots, generalized Ricci flow, Calabi–Yau problems for CR manifolds, Milnor's conjecture on volume of simplexes, Heegaard genera of 3-manifolds, and the (A,B)-slice problem. It also includes five unpublished papers of Xiao-Song Lin and various speeches related to the memorial conference.

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