Looking for a way to make money and get your house in order? Toss, Keep, Sell! teaches you how to turn the junk you haven't used (or even seen!) in ages into cash-while organizing your home at the same time.To make decluttering easier than ever, each orderly chapter is organized by rooms and daily tasks and features: Cashing In--A profile of busy people like you who have earned big while clearing out; Quick Clutter Challenge--Easy ways for you to declutter a space in thirty minutes or less; A Toss, Keep, Sell Chart--A visual organizer to help get every room of your house under control; Cash Back in This Chapter: A summary of potential earnings from one chapter's worth of tips. Under financial and organization whiz Leah Ingram's guidance, you could earn up to $20,000 while organizing your home. So stop wasting your time searching for lost items and start finding out how you can hit it big-without missing a thing!

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