"Translation/History/Culture" is a collection of the most important statements on the translation of literature from Roman times to the 1920s. Arranged thematically around the main topics which recur over the centuries--power, poetics, language, education--it contains many texts previously unavailable in English. As the first survey of its kind in both scope and selection, "Translation/History/Culture" argues that translation commands a central position in the shaping of European literatures and cultures. It reestablishes in the reader's mind the unbroken continuity of the tradition of translation and reveals the topicality of many of the texts included. "Translation/History/Culture" can therefore serve both as a textbook of translation history and as a starting point for further discussion about translation. As such, it is a valuable addition to the shelves of literary historians, theorists of literature, students and teachers of comparative literature and cultural studies, and scholars of translation.

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