This book focuses upon approximately 250 nonprofit, two-year colleges with a student body that is entirely female or at least 25 percent black, Hispanic, or Native American. These special-focus colleges include two-year colleges, historically black colleges (HBC's), Hispanic-serving institutions (HIS's) and tribal colleges, with some of these schools being church-affiliated. Many of these schools serve as shining examples of how a genuine commitment to access and achievement for female students of color can enhance these students' academic success. The initial chapter briefly describes and lists each type of two-year special-focus college, examines their roles in the development of American higher education, and speculates about their futures. The remaining four chapters examine a particular type of two-year special-focus school and include a case study of an exemplary institutional type. The final chapter analyzes the characteristics of these colleges which facilitate their students to succeed, also indicating to coeducational, predominately white colleges how they can better serve minority students.

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