Administer Ubuntu Server in the EnterpriseRealize a dynamic, stable, and secure Ubuntu Server environment with expert guidance, tips, and techniques from a Linux professional. Ubuntu Server Administration covers every facet of system management--from users and file systems to performance tuning and troubleshooting. Learn how to automate installation using Kickstart, set up print and Web servers, configure and secure networks and TCP/IP ports, and implement Linux virtualization. You'll also get details on sharing resources via NFS and Samba, protecting your system, and customizing the Linux kernel.Install Ubuntu Server Edition in a production environmentUse administrative commands, secure with the PolicyKit, and customize permissions with ACLsConfigure filesystems in partitions, logical volumes, and RAID arrays. Configure secure remote administration using the Secure Shell and LandscapeManage updates and configure local repository mirrorsControl users with quotas, PAMs, and authentication databasesBuild Web servers using Apache, MySQL, and PHPHandle security with AppArmor, Kerberos, iptables-based firewalls, and TCP WrappersVirtualize your system using VMware, Virtualbox, and KVMCovers Ubuntu 8.04 (LTS)

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