CHOICE MAGAZINE Outstanding Academic Title for 2007CHOICE MAGAZINE Outstanding Academic Title for 2007 This unique textbook eloquently introduces students to international perspectives on cross-cultural psychology (both Eastern and Western cultures), adopting a truly accessible narrative approach throughout. The main thrust of the book's content is to discuss the framework of culture, family structure, health, and bereavement. Intercultural interaction-and all of their intersections-and consideration are also given to methodological and ethical research issues and their application to differing cultures. Key Features: Addresses international research on cross-cultural psychology unlike other books that focus purely on Western perspectives A thoughtful yet provocative writing style that appropriately combines the narrative and the informative An array of vignettes, case studies, and other text features which will really bring the book to life for students Understanding Cross-Cultural Psychology provides a solid and interesting foundation for any undergraduate student with an interest in the cross-cultural aspects of psychology.

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