The microelectronics evolution has given rise to many modern benefits but has also changed design methods and attitudes to learning. Technology advancements shifted focus from simple circuits to complex systems with major attention to high-level descriptions. The design methods moved from a bottom-up to a top-down approach.For todays students, the most beneficial approach to learning is this top-down method that demonstrates a global view of electronics before going into specifics. Franco Maloberti uses this approach to explain the fundamentals of electronics, such as processing functions, signals and their properties. Here he presents a helpful balance of theory, examples, and verification of results, while keeping mathematics and signal processing theory to a minimum.Key features:Presents a new learning approach that will greatly improve students ability to retain key concepts in electronics studiesMatch the evolution of Computer Aided Design (CAD) which focuses increasingly on high-level designCovers sub-functions as well as basic circuits and basic componentsProvides real-world examples to inspire a thorough understanding of global issues, before going into the detail of components and devicesDiscusses power conversion and management; an important area that is missing in other books on the subjectEnd-of-chapter problems and self-training sections support the reader in exploring systems and understanding them at increasing levels of complexity

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